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Costs You $0


Alcohol sales generate about $300-$500 per event plus tips for the bartenders!

I guarantee one drink sale per person. Together we will come up with a round number and I will buy all of my painters their 1st round.

Most of our guests order at least one additional drink.

Some customers even stay after the event to eat and socialize with their friends!

You will get plenty of exposure to your restaurant/bar and hopefully some potential leads if you market properly. 

Our main goal is to help grow our business together!

FREE Marketing


Modern Party Art handles all of the marketing on social media and paper flyers for FREE.

We will make sure there are people sitting in seats at your restaurant at every event.  We use a strategic way to target the community.  Customers usually come with friends or on a date, so we promise there will be people there, and most of the time we get return customers who even come back on days we are not hosting a paint and sip!

What We Bring


 Modern Party Art has everything to make this a successful event! We bring tablecloths, easels, canvases, paints, palettes, brushes, cups for water, & paper towels.

All of our paints are non-toxic and can be wiped off of hard surfaces easily.  We set up and clean up without any assistance from the venue.

When can we schudule an event?


All of our scheduled public events are booked a month in advance so that we can ensure there will be people sitting in those seats at the Paint and Sip event.  Usually, we pick a time convenient to customers and businesses.  This would usually be held on nights and weekends.  We can also offer your venue as a private party space for customers who want to host a private paint party but do not have the space available in their homes.   

How long is an event?


Our Paint and Sip events last about 3 hours including set up and clean up.  We arrive about 45 minutes early to set up.  Painting lessons last about an hour and half with a short intermission in between. We are usually cleaned up within 45 minutes after the painting lesson is complete. .

Where do we service?


Modern Party Art is based out of Boston.  

This means we can travel to venues anywhere in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Southern New Hampshire.

We have the capability to travel even further for one time events all around the USA.  There is a small travel fee for businesses outside of New England.

Location, Location


So that everyone is happy and comes back, we will need the following:

  1. A space with good lighting (we have some flood lights if need be)
  2. An area that can seat 20-30 people comfortably.  Can be inside or outside.  As well as a good focal point for people to watch me paint and follow along.
  3. We need tables and chairs for each guest.  
  4. We have enough supplies to accommodate up to 60 artists.

What if we don't sell liquor?


Not a bar or restaurant? No problem.  Modern Party Art can still help you bring in business.  We will offer discounts, money off, or a free item like your merchandise, food, soaps, jewelry, an entry ticket or whatever it is that brings you money and pay you per person. Fill out the inquiry form and we will discuss what is best.   

Let's make it a thing...


 All of our painters are entered into a raffle to win a free entry ticket to the next event.  This helps get them to come back to your place of business! If you invite us back, you can choose the frequency.  If you would like to try us out and see how you like it, we can go from there.  People often want to come back to the same place for convenience, so scheduling a regular event on the same day and time is usually easiest. Your choice of course! 

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